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Questions, Ideas and Comments

Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 9 years, 1 month ago

Questions, Ideas and Comments! 


This page is set up for you!  If you have a question, an idea or a comment this is the place to come to.  My hope is that this page will be inter-active and provide clear information about your child's program, daily routine's, special activities, etc.  Many times as parents we have questions, but are not always able to ask or have a "vehicle" in place to do so.  I hope that this page becomes open ended and a place where you feel comfortable sharing information with me and each other.  I have posed a couple of questions below to get us started.


1.  How often does my child write during a typical school day?


Response:  We have Writer's Workshop daily for about an hour.  Your child writes during this time which is usually focused on a Unit of Study.  During the month of February your child has been writing something in a special journal each morning when they first come to school.  The writing is 1 or 2 sentences of true information.  Their ideas usually focus on a small moment, a recent experience or memory.  They also illustrate what they wrote and will often include labeling in their pictures.  We also have writing tools and various types of paper throughout the classroom.  This way children can write notes, messages, letters, label things, take orders in dramatic play, etc.  Writing happens throughout the day!  


2.  Can my child eat if they are hungry and it is not a scheduled snack time?


Response:  Yes!  I would never say no to a child who says they are hungry. Children eat when they are hungry.  It is also important for children to drink lots of water to keep hydrated!


3.  How do you recognize/celebrate birthdays in Kindergarten?  What happens if my child has a birthday in the summer?


Response: I have tried lots of different things over the years, but am trying something new this year.  It is really important to recognize a child's birthday.  It is a special time of their life and I feel it is important to celebrate!  This year I am going to recognize/celebrate all the children who have a summer birthday (June-August) on the first Friday of the school year, Friday, September 3rd.  We will sing a special birthday song that we will sing for all children and enjoy a special snack.  This celebration will happen during our morning snack time.  I also thought that this would be a nice way to celebrate our first week together as well!  I have a sign up on the Celebrations Page in this wiki if you would like to sign up to help out and make donations of food.  Many Thanks!


If your child has a birthday during the school year I welcome you to send in any special snack that you and your child would like.  We have the special snack and sing our special song as well.  If you can not provide a special snack for your child just let me know and I will provide one.


4.  Can my child pass out  birthday invitations in school?


Response: I would prefer that your child contact guests to their party from home.  I have had parents use email, a phone call or snail mail to set these special events up.  It is really hard for a child to know that they are not invited to a celebration and to help ease this disappointment, I ask that invitations not be passed out in Kindergarten unless of course you invite the whole class!  If the whole class is invited I am happy to send out invitations.  This has been very successful in the past.


5.  Will my child need a backpack?


Response:  A backpack or a shoulder bag is a great idea for your child to have.  This is a great way for your child to begin to become independent in getting things ready for their day at school. The backpack will be carrying their lunch(if they bring their own),a morning and afternoon snack, Friday Folder and a reading bag/pocket.  Sometimes your child might have something they would like to bring into Kindergarten to share also.


6.  Do you provide snacks for the morning and afternoon snack times?


Response:  I will have some pretzels, raisins and goldfish available if your child does not have a snack.  I would love some donations of snacks to keep in Kindergarten for children who need a snack.  Please let me know if you are interested in making a donation to the class.  Thanks so much!


7. Will the kids be able to leave certain items in a cubby or locker? E.g. sneakers for gym class, water bottle, art smock, change of clothes, etc. 


Response:  Yes, the children have a cubby in the classroom where they can keep their water bottle and change of clothes.  Each child has their own locker.  In the locker children may keep their art shirt/smock/boots/sneakers.  On the outside of each locker is an "s" hook.  The children can hang their backpacks on the hook.  The lockers are narrow and I am hoping the hooks will make it easier for the children.


Comments (2)

Rose Bunting said

at 9:48 am on Aug 14, 2010


Thanks for setting this up! It's a great idea.

Here are two additional questions...

1) Will the kids be able to leave certain items in a cubby or locker? E.g. sneakers for gym class, water bottle, art smock, change of clothes, etc.
2) Lunch...perhaps this will be covered in the meeting on 8/27...if we choose to have Madeline purchase lunch from school, how does this work? And will staff help the children make appropriate choices? :)

We will certainly donate extra snacks for you to keep on hand!


Sharon E. Davison said

at 1:43 pm on Aug 14, 2010

Great questions! I have posted a response to your first question. I am creating a page to explain the procedures, etc. for lunchtime.
I will be eating lunch with the children for the first 2 weeks to help with the adjustment, making healthy food choices, etc.
Thanks! Mrs. D.

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