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Kindergarten Themes!

Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 8 years, 11 months ago

Kindergarten Themes 


I have made a list of the themes that I plan on exploring from September until the end of the school year.   Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by writing a comment below where it says; comments.  Please remember to click on edit first, then save after you make your changes/comments to the page.


Thanks So Much!




Fall Themes(September-December)


  • life cycles- Monarch Butterfly, apples, trees
  • building a community, all about me,making friends(throughout the year)
  • Earth- reduce, reuse, recycle (all year)
  • making a difference- Earth, school community, ourselves (throughout the year)
  • season of fall 




Winter Themes(December-February)


  •  our community connections to the world-where are we? early mapping
  • science inquiry; solids and liquids, living/nonliving, magnets(exploration of concept of attracting only)
  • 5 senses 
  • season of winter 




Spring Themes(March-May)


  • making a difference-Earth
  • maple sugaring
  • life cycle of birds, seeds and plants
  • science inquiry-seeds and plants
  • season of spring





  • season of summer
  • celebration of growth


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