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Gardening Club!

Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 9 years, 1 month ago


Gardening Club!  



Welcome to the Allen Brook Gardening Club.  I can 1 child each Tuesday to join in the fun!  The children will be digging in the garden, looking for signs of fall, taking walks around the garden area and learning how to use produce from the garden like apples and other yummy things.   I will be sending  Miss Taila or Miss Holly each week with 1 child to participate in garden fun activities!

 Check back for video and pictures of what we experience!


Fall/Spring of 2011-2012


The children were looking for vegetables and flowers that were ready to be harvested.



This week the Kindergarten children were looking at the different plants that are growing and want is ready to be picked.  They also learned a few names of flowers that were growing too!






Fall/Spring of 2010-2011

















What a great time the children had in gardening club on Thursday!  Gardner Andrew made apple pie with the children and talked to them about the different types of fruit you might see in a Vermont garden.  This is another great opportunity for kindergarten children from different classrooms to get  together to learn about something wonderful that our school has and how we use the garden to keep everyone at ABS eating healthy. 


This week in garden club the children visited the garden and picked some of the vegetables that were ready!  The children were able to look for other living things as well that they could see!  Some of the children noticed that even some of the vegetables can even be camouflaged!





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Steph and Sam said

at 12:07 pm on Jul 4, 2014

Would love for Reed to be a part of this if it's still open in the fall!

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