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Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 7 years, 3 months ago


Welcome!  Please read below to find out the current projects we are participating in with ePals.  You can also read below about what ePals is and how it works.


Click Here To Check out ePals!

Projects We Are Involved in:


1.  Smithsonian Institute-The children are creating scientific drawings of many things that we explore in the natural world.  I will upload scientific drawings and notebook entries to ePals where they are posted on the Smithsonian page where other children can see what we created from all over the world.  We are also able to see other students work!  Every time we contribute a project that is part of the Natural World, it is displayed on the Smithsonian page and your child receives a special Smithsonian Star!

Forest Animals




  I have been excepted/approved by ePals to participate in this 
 opportunity to connect with other Kindergarten children and their classrooms from all over the world.
What you need to know:  
What is it?
A school-safe collaborative for children and teachers in grades and schools Kindergarten through grade 12.  It is a global community that puts educators and their students in touch with others who want to share projects, student work, develop correspondence and many other things.
Is it safe?
Yes, it is.  I will not be using your child's name.  I will be sharing their work and pictures only.  I will be the contact person who communicates with other teachers and their children.  No one can access my account except me.  I also was checked out after I applied to participate in this collaborative by ePals.  This way they were able to make sure I was who I said I was, etc.
Why participate?
My initial goal and intention was to share and collaborate with other educators who are working with a similar age to share resources, best practices, projects and to help establish a collaborative with another class that differs from our own school and culture.  I also like how interactive this could be potentially for the children.

Read below to see what I submitted to ePals.  Our work with this project will be highlighted and shared with others!



Submitted by: Sharon Davison Vermont, USA

Partner: solo        


Project Type: collaborative, solo classroom, both  Since I started using in Kindergarten, 2 more ½ grade classrooms have also begun using Kidblogs!

Student Ages: 5 and 6 year old children


Description:  kidblogging is a wonderful way to begin making connections and of course to build relationships prior to school starting.  I set up accounts for each of my children.  With their parents help each child began posting pictures, etc. prior to school starting.  I met with each child and their family 2 weeks before school started.  I showed the their kidblog and how it works.  I took a picture of each child anywhere they wanted in or out of the classroom.  Together we posted their picture and a comment.  Wow!  The children and their families were so excited and happy to see this right from the start!  Throughout the year I have posted artwork, podcasts and even an Animationish or 2 on their blog!  At this point in the year(December) the children are independent in getting to their blog and other classmates to see what is new!  Some of the children are beginning to make their own posts.  Parents, relatives and of course others are so happy with this type of communication and sharing.  I have had grandparents email me thanking me for this opportunity to stay connected with their grandchildren.  Some of my students have posted music as well as artwork they created from a computer program they have at their house! Wonderful!!!


I expect students will learn, create, etc.

  1. Children will compose ideas about what they want to share.  They will type their own comments and make their own blog posts using their inventive writing as a vehicle to do this.  
  2. Children will practice their keyboarding skills, knowledge about sounds/symbols and their relationship to one another when typing.  Begin to make connections with the literacy skills they are focusing on in our curriculum too!
  3. Children create their own ideas about what they want to share about their own learning.  They will also be connecting with others and making relationships as they work on their blogs.  The children will also be communicating with their peers, family and others about experiences within and out of school.  


Key Project Element(s): see my literacy wiki and go to the kidblogs page for information I have shared with families, etc.  Also the idea of social networking begins as well as endless opportunities for children to begin to learn about the importance of being a safe, responsible, digital citizen.


Culminating Activity: This is an on going project that will continue through the year.  I can not give public access to the blogs, but you can go to: kidblogs to see how I've set it up.









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