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About The Weather

Page history last edited by Alia & Paul 10 years, 6 months ago

Welcome To Our Weather Page! 




This is a place where you can come and share what the weather is like where you live.  Please look at the chart below and add your name, date, temperature, precipitation, where you are and any other comment you have!



Date Name Temperature Where you are


(rain, snow, foggy)

Other Comments
12/17/09  Mrs.  D.  Williston, Vermont  cold and windy air  It is windy in the parking lot! 
12/17/09  madison  st.george, vermont                           snow on the ground
12/22/2009  Jake  16  Williston  58% humidity  It's cloudy & we're hoping for snow! 
01/25/2010  Jake  51  Williston  It was really rainy and windy  "Me and my friend had to walk in the rain just with coats- his name is Charlie." 




We will be checking this often and hope to learn about how the weather changes with each season!  Thanks for your help with this project!  The Kindergarten Children in Mrs. Davison's Class!


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