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Early Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

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November Follow Up Conferences


I would like everyone to come into Kindergarten again to see me and follow up on our parent conference we had in early October as well as showing you what the Kindergarten report card will look like.  I am having conferences on the designated day, Tuesday, November 23rd, set aside on the school calendar and I will offer some evening conferences on Monday, November 22nd.     Please email me with any questions. 

 Thanks so much everyone!


Monday, November 22nd

Name  Time 
3:40-4 PM 
Michele and Jeff Eaton
4 PM-4:20 
 Willow & Jamie Falkenbush
4:20- 4:40
  Karen Munn 5-5:20 PM 

  Kathryn and Igor Arsovski

5:20-5:40 PM 
 Betsey Fisher 5:40-6 PM 
 Agnieszka Perlinska and Jacek Szamrej 6-6:20 PM 






Tuesday, November 23rd 

Name  Time
Jeff Ferland 8:00-8:20 AM 
Scott and Ellie Eaton  8:20-8:40 AM 
Lindsay Hawkins
8:40-9 AM 
Lauren & Bryan Davis
9-9:20 AM 
9:20-9:40 AM 
  9:40-10:00 AM 
Shana & Steve Trombley  10:00-10:20 AM 
Uma Amalraj/Akshara  10:20-10:40 AM 
  10:40-11:00 AM 
jennifer moore  11:00-11:20 AM 
jennifer moore  11:20-11:30  AM
  11:40-12:00 PM 
Adam and MaryBeth Bunting
12:00-12:20 PM 
Danielle and Shawn Patrick
12:20-12:40 PM 



Early Fall Conferences


Please sign up for one of the 30 minute time slots listed below for our first conference regarding your child.   I will offer another parent conference in November during the designated days/times that are listed on the school calendar if you are interested.   If the days and times I have listed below do not work for you, please email me and we can work another option out. Please remember to edit the page and then save your edits before you sign out. 

Thanks so very much!


  Tuesday, October 5th  Time
  Nikia Drown  2-2:30 PM  
  Megan and Mike Anderson
4-4:30 PM  
  Jennifer  and Thomas Moore ( Jamie Moore)  4:30-5 PM  
  Deanna & TJ Merola 5-5:30 PM  
  Shana & Steve Trombley
Willow & Jamie Falkenbush

5:30-6 PM 

6-6:30 PM 

  Agnieszka Perlinska and Jacek Szamrej  6:30-7 PM  
  Thursday, October 7th  Time 
  Shawn and Danielle Patrick
2-2:30 PM 
  Naomi Cardinal  2:30-3 PM 
  Natasha Dugre  3-3:30 PM 
  Karen Fragnoli-Munn  3:30-4 PM 
  Betsey Fisher (James St. Cyr)  4-4:30 PM 
  Kathryn and Igor Arsovski  4:30-5 PM 
  Lauren & Bryan Davis
5-5:30 PM 
  Scott and Ellie Eaton  5:30-6 PM 
    6-6:30 PM 
             Jeff Ferland  6:30-7 PM 
  MaryBeth & Adam Bunting
7-7:30 PM 


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