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Weddell Sea Exploration 2019

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Experiencing Antarctica

Look Here

(to see details of our lesson flow for January-February)

Zoom was a great way to connect and ask questions of the explorers.


Creating Questions..

Look here for activity ideas I created These activities were also shared on @ReachtheWorld site! Here

ISTE Standards:

ISTE(Student/Educator Standards):

Student:(look here)

  • Empowered Learner

  • Digital Citizen

  • Knowledge Constructor

  • Global Collaborator


Educator:(look here)

  • Learner

  • Leader

  • Citizen

  • Collaborator










How are we having conversations and sharing what we are learning?

* Twitter

* Zoom

* Blogging


* Google Maps

* ChatterPix



Transferable Skills:(look here)

  • Communication and Collaboration: conversations in face to face, Twitter, Skype, visitors, scientists(Weddell)

  • Problem Solving: What can we do? Why is this important? How can we become advocates?


Student Experiences and Curiosities:

While snowshoeing a child connects an ice chunk with what it must be like on Antarctica. My students shared they were walking like their penguin friends up the mountain.

The penguins were fun during play. While in the block area a few of my students collaborated and made an iceberg for the penguins to slide down into the Weddell Sea.

My students had an opportunity to reflect on what they were curious about. As we explored Antarctica and the Weddell Sea we learned also about the north and south pole. This came up because we were wanting to know where penguins and polar bears live. What was unique about their habitat and what could we do to become advocates to help keep them safe.

Book Ideas:

Common Core State Standards:


  • Daily connection via morning meeting message/calendar: sight words(CCSS), shapes of fish, animals in message(math)

  • Create a book about an ocean animal

  • Create a fish using recycled materials, etc. (includes habitat)(Engineering Practice)

  • Identify and use sight words in writing and connect with the why we need these words.

  • Create and label a mural of ocean life above and below(Transferable Skills, CCSS, NGSS)

  • Create global goal book of the goals we are connecting with in this study. Home/School connection with an action we(students) perform Look here for booklet


Student Work Samples:










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