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National Geographic

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Welcome to the National Geographic Page!


Look Here for my capstone project and look here for blog post on National Geographic Spotlight 


I created this page to share the work I have been involved in with National Geographic and how the work is being woven into kindergarten. After completing micro-credentialing I learned a lot about service-learning and how this idea can be woven into the work we explore in and out of Kindergarten. 

As a National Geographic Certified Educator I am sharing the scientific thinking behind all of our work connecting to inquiry. The inquiry is part of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and the framework created by National Geographic. (Skills, Attitudes, and Knowledge)

These are the micro-credentials I completed related to service-learning.


Service-Learning Projects: 2018-2019




#2 Zero Hunger: On Friday, October 19th the school will be creating a 3D shape of a school bus for the "Cans For A Cause" Food Sculpture Contest in Williston.  Look below to read about the contest! Food Shelf (1).pdf.


Please feel free to drop off canned goods to help support this great project.




#13 Climate Action, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and #15 Life on Land

Project: CSWD Community Connection

Goals: Building Knowledge and an awareness of waste, impact for local and global change through positive actions.







Life On Land and Life Below Water

Essential questions we asked..

1. Why do we need the oceans?

2. What animals and plants live there?

3. What is the land like near the water?

4. Why do we need to care?

5. Who can help us learn more about the ocean?

6. What can we do to help the oceans? Why is this important? 


Look here for lesson flow for January/February





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